Customer and Preferred Customer Product Guarantee

docflowers offers a 100% 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee (less shipping charges) to all Customers, or Customers who purchase product directly from the Company.

Returns by Retail Customers


offers, through its Distributors, a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee to all retail Customers. Every Distributor is bound to honor the retail Customer guarantee. If, for any reason, a retail Customer is dissatisfied with any Docflowers product, the retail Customer may return the unused portion of the product to the Distributor from whom it was purchased, within thirty (30) days, for a replacement, exchange or a full refund of the purchase price (including shipping costs). When an Distributor issues a refund to a retail Customer pursuant to this policy, the Distributor may return the product to Docflowers for an exchange. In order to receive the exchange, the Distributor must (a) return the product within 10 days of the date that the product was received from the retail Customer; and (b) send a copy of the retail sales receipt with the returned product.

A retail Customer who makes a purchase of $25.00 or more has three business days (72 hours) after the sale or execution of a contract to cancel the order and receive a full refund consistent with the cancellation notice on the order form. When an Distributor makes a sale or takes an order from a retail Customer who cancels or requests a refund within the 72 hour period, the Distributor must promptly refund the Customer’s money as long as the products are returned to the Distributor unopened and in substantially as good condition as when received. Additionally, Distributors must orally inform Customers of their right to rescind a purchase or an order within 72 hours, and ensure that the date of the order or purchase is entered on the order form. All retail Customers must be provided with two copies of an official docflowers sales receipt at the time of the sale. The back of the receipt provides the Customer with written notice of his or her rights to cancel the sales agreement.

Return of Inventory and Sales Aids by Distributors Upon Cancellation

Upon cancellation of an Distributor’s Agreement, the Distributor may return any products and sales aids held in his or her inventory for a refund. Distributors may only return products and sales aids that: (a) he or she personally purchased from Docflowers (purchases from other Distributors or third parties are not subject to refund); (b) are in Resalable condition (see Definition of “Resalable” below); and (c) were purchased within one year prior to the date of cancellation. Upon receipt of Resalable products and sales aids, the Distributor will be reimbursed 90% of the net cost of the original purchase price(s). Shipping charges incurred by a Distributor when the Starter Kit, products or sales aids were purchased will not be refunded. If the purchases were made through a credit card, the refund will be credited back to the same account. If a Distributor was paid a commission based on a product(s) that he or she purchased, and such product(s) is subsequently returned for a refund, the commission that was paid based on that product purchase will be deducted from the amount of the refund.

Montana Residents

As with all Distributors, a Montana resident may cancel his or her Distributor Agreement at will.

Procedures for All Returns

The following procedures apply to all returns for refund, repurchase, or exchange:

a) All merchandise must be returned by the Distributor or Customer who purchased it directly from Docflowers.

b) All products to be returned must have a Return Authorization Number which is obtained by calling the Distributor Services Department. This Return Authorization Number must be written on each carton returned.

c) The return must be accompanied by a copy of the original dated retail sales receipt.
d) Proper shipping carton(s) and packing materials are to be used in packaging the product(s) being returned for replacement, and the best and most economical means of shipping is suggested. All returns must be shipped to Docflowers shipping pre-paid. docflowers does not accept shipping-collect packages. The risk of loss in shipping for returned product shall be on the Distributor. If returned product is not received by the Company’s Distribution Center, it is the responsibility of the Distributor to trace the shipment.

e) If a Distributor is returning merchandise to Docflowers that was returned to him or her by a personal retail Customer, the product must be received by Docflowers within ten (10) days from the date on which the retail Customer returned the merchandise to the Distributor, and must be accompanied by the sales receipt the Distributor gave to the Customer at the time of the sale.

No refund or replacement of product will be made if the conditions of these rules are not met.